MAN TYPING HUGE PAGE - w. textWe are so glad you stopped by to check us out. Debut Writers Journal is designed to provide publishing experience and an advanced level of hands-on instruction and training for writers who are currently students in creative writing classes at John A. Logan College, Carterville, Illinois, USA.

The articles, stories, and poems you see here are the work of those students — men and women of all ages who are learning to release their creative gifts, edit and polish the pieces that are born out of those gifts, and then hone and refine their craft. Our motto is “Learning to Write ~ Writing to Learn.”

To enjoy the variety of offerings presented here, simply go to the navigation bar and click on the genre of material you’d like to read, then choose a student’s name or the title of a work from the drop-down box.

The vast majority of work by the students is material that carries a simple ‘G’ rating. However, occasionally students write pieces that include some degree of “adult” or “graphic” material that may not be entirely suitable for children. Any piece that includes such material will be clearly marked as PG 18  in the drop-down box along with the title. If material carries no specific rating, it is considered acceptable reading for general audiences.

We hope you enjoy what the students have to offer, and we encourage our visitors to comment freely and often. The most rewarding experience for any writer is getting feedback from his readers. Please reward these hard-working writers for their concerted efforts in this publication. We thank you and look forward to interacting with you often.

Sandra Conner
Instructor/Creative Writing & Writing Poetry
Continuing Education Department
John A. Logan College


Debut Writers Journal
© 2014 Sandra Pavloff Conner
All rights reserved
The copyright for each individual article, story, poem, and photograph is owned by the original creator.
Anyone wishing to copy or reprint any material on this site should post a request for permission in the “Comments” section on this front page.



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