Thank You WordPress Readers

SMILEY FACE COLLAGEHello out there, all you wonderful WordPress readers who have stopped by to visit our new magazine and have made encouraging comments.  You are a blessing to all the students and to me as the editor.

Most of the students do not blog yet, and they are still working to learn the ropes of communicating in this venue, so please give them some time to respond to your comments on their work. Also, some of the students do not have Internet access at home, so they will have to pass their responses through me, but I will try to relay them accurately.

Many of you have “Followed” this site, and we thank you. Because the students’ stories, poems, and articles are posted as “Pages,” you will not see a notification of each of those separately in your WP Readers, but I will publish a post when we put up new material so that all of you will know we have added something new. My ‘editor’s posts’ will show up in your Readers.

Thanks again, everyone.
Happy reading and writing
Sandra Conner

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