A Novel in Progress – New to the ‘Journal’

I’m excited to announce our latest publication in the Debut Writers Journal. It’s the first chapter of a brand new novel in progress. Joe Corso is one of the few creative writing students who is working on a  project of that magnitude, and he’s offering us the opportunity to publish several of his first few chapters. It’s a great way for Joe to keep himself … Continue reading A Novel in Progress – New to the ‘Journal’

Another Brand New Story in Our Fiction Section

Hey, if any of you out there know the story of Kaw-liga the wooden Indian who fell in love with an Indian maiden (also wooden) but never managed to do anything about it, you may get a kick out of Jo Boester’s new story: “Kaw-liga Gets a Second Chance.” We just published her story today. She wrote it for one of the Creative Writing class … Continue reading Another Brand New Story in Our Fiction Section

Thank You WordPress Readers

Hello out there, all you wonderful WordPress readers who have stopped by to visit our new magazine and have made encouraging comments.  You are a blessing to all the students and to me as the editor. Most of the students do not blog yet, and they are still working to learn the ropes of communicating in this venue, so please give them some time to … Continue reading Thank You WordPress Readers