Late Again

ALARM CLOCK - DK SEPIAWhen her alarm went off, Lisa slowly rolled onto her back. With eyes still shut tightly, she stretched out her right arm as her fingers felt for the clock. After hitting the snooze button for the third time, she grabbed the covers and pulled them over her face to shut out the sunlight. She dreaded getting up early on Friday because she had only one class, but she dared not lie in bed longer, or she would be late again. Mr. Collins had warned her the last time, and she knew he meant it.

As she rushed through her morning routine, watching the clock, she knew she could forget about arriving early. Finally, glancing around to make sure she had not forgotten anything, she snatched up her keys and headed out the back door. Just as Lisa slipped into the car, she realized she had forgotten to stop for gas the previous night. She scolded herself and vowed she would do better from now on.

After filling the gas tank, she was finally on her way. Turning onto the highway, she eased into the open lane, wondering why traffic moved so slowly. Then it hit her – today was the starting date for the new road construction project, and only one lane remained open. Her heart filled with dismay as she resigned herself to the fact there was nothing else she could do now. At least her favorite song was playing on the radio, and singing along helped calm her mind as her car crawled behind the long line of morning traffic. She considered various excuses she could offer to Mr. Collins but she knew ultimate responsibility lay at her own feet.

At last, Lisa approached her turn for the college, but she refused to look at the clock in the car. As she rounded the corner into the parking lot, she spotted an empty space, gratefully pulled into it, grabbed her backpack, and exited the car. She sprinted into the building, checked her watch, and saw she was ten minutes late, which was not bad considering all the obstacles she had faced this morning.

Lisa bounded up the stairs, taking them two at a time, and once on the second floor, she walked briskly toward her classroom. As she approached the room, she wondered why it looked dark. If they were watching a video, perhaps she could slip in quietly and take her seat without attracting too much attention. However, on reaching the classroom door, Lisa saw the room was empty. Then she noticed the sign posted on the wall beside the door which read, “CLASS CANCELLED.”

Only now did she recall Mr. Collins telling the class he would be out of town for a conference on Friday, so they would not be meeting. How could she have forgotten that? Lisa laughed out loud as she recalled her desperate efforts to be on time when this was the one day she could have stayed home.


© 2015 Andrette Herron





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